Anmarie Benitez

Anmarie was born in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. She moved to the states at the time school began at the age of 5. As “Daddy’s little girl” she was always tagging along with Dad to learn and play all kinds of sports from Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Softball, Racquetball, and more. Dad was critical about technique, form, and strategy and so was Anmarie. Everything in her life from her early beginnings has been about these foundations in everything from sports to life. In High School she took as many Physical Education electives as allowed. This is when she took her very first “Weightlifting” class. It was instant love. She would always end up training with the football team in class! As soon as she got a “real job” her first priority was a gym membership. She loved hitting the weights and soon picked up a passion for weightlifting and strength training.

In early 2014, after years of training and loving every second of it, she wanted to make this a career. She started training her friends and doing boot camps for fun. She was very close to getting her personal trainer’s license until…CrossFit. Her husband, Luis, would not stop raving about this new methodology….”the sport of fitness”. She was skeptical at first, but very intrigued after watching the CrossFit Games. They decided to try it. They researched local boxes and decided to go with CMR. After meeting Coach Chris and Coach Sebastian, CMR just felt like a place they belonged. WOW. After the first class…”I will never look back” was Anmarie’s reaction. CrossFit is what she was looking for all along. This has now become a dream come true, her inspiration, her new found passion.

In September 2014, Anmarie completed her CF-L1 Trainer certification. She can hardly wait to see the light in an athlete’s eyes when she helps them do their first box jump, to squat correctly, or do their first real pull-up! …”I can hardly wait!!!”

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Sport: CrossFit

Favorite Athlete: Myranda Oldroyd

Favorite Exercise: Box Jumps

Least Favorite Exercise: NOTHING

Favorite Quote: “Do not withhold good from those to whom you should give it, If it is within your power to help” (Proverbs 3:27)