At CrossFit Manta Ray, we take great pride in our signature One on One On Ramp program.  Regardless of if you are in great shape or not, On Ramp will teach you the foundational movements needed to perform all CrossFit exercises, all while making sure you get a great workout each time that you attend!

Our On Ramp program is designed to prepare you for our CrossFit classes.  The program has a strong emphasis on teaching how to move properly while bearing weight in order to earn a safe, strong foundation before adding intensity.  Proper movement is key to not risking injury while doing tasks inside and outside the gym.

We are focused on having individuals learn the Nine Foundational Movements recognized by CrossFit:

Strict Press                                Back Squat                               Deadlift
Push Press                                Front Squat                               Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Push Jerk                                  Overhead Squat                        Medicine Ball Clean

Perfecting these movements is an important part to moving forward with the CrossFit Lifestyle, but is equally as important in order to safely function and perform daily tasks outside of the gym.  Not only will learning these movements make you better at CrossFit and daily tasks; they will also strengthen your posture and increase functionality. Many individuals seek answers for years of body aches, headaches, bone and joint discomfort, weight loss, and certain immune disorders.  Perfecting the body’s proper posture will lead to healthy nerve function and in many cases cure these nagging discomforts.

Mobility/Flexibility is another key component that we work to improve in our On Ramp sessions.  Many of the CrossFit movements and other movements performed in your everyday life require a high degree of flexibility.  We work to improve each individual’s level of flexibility while you attend the program.

Nutrition is equally as important as the other elements of the On Ramp program.  During your experience, we will be sure to provide nutritional guidance to help maximize your results and overall understanding of a lifestyle change.

If you are new to CrossFit, we will have you begin at Manta Ray by participating in our One on One On Ramp sessions.  This will ensure that you can perform the movements we do in CrossFit safely and correctly, before entering our group classes.

The On Ramp program is a great experience for anyone who is looking for guidance and knowledge of what Fitness really is.  Our goal is to help as many people as possible understand how to better their lifestyle in a way that is fun, effective, and keeps you striving to reach new pinnacles.

Upon completion of the On Ramp program YOU WILL:

-See notable changes in Body Composition
-Have more Energy
-Be more Flexible
-Gain Strength and Endurance
-Be more Coordinated
-Understand Nutrition
-Have knowledge of Fitness and Proper Movement
-Have an overall better understanding of how to live a Healthy Lifestyle


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