Here at CMR, education is an important part of our training and perhaps the most important topic to be covered is nutrition and diet. CrossFit Manta Ray, and the CrossFit organization in general, supports the PALEO DIET. The Paleo Diet is ideal for supporting energy and exercise and limiting body fat. It is a protein, nutrient, healthy fat and energy dense diet with limited starches and no sugar.


Meats and Vegetables
This is your largest portion. The meat includes your nutrients, protein, and essential amino acids. The vegetables provide carbohydrates and lots more nutrients.

Nuts and Seeds
This is your second largest portion and includes your healthy fats. These fats are long term energy throughout the day, muscular development, brain function, and are unlikely to cause body fat gain.

Some Fruit
This is your third largest portion. Fruit is a natural form of sugar (carbohydrates) that contains nutrients. Good for short term energy. Limit fruit as it is still full of sugar and all nutrients in fruit can also be found in vegetables.

Little Starches
This is your fourth largest portion. Starches should be limited as they are high in carbohydrates and less nutrient dense than other forms of carbohydrates such as vegetables and fruit. Choose healthy grains when you do consume starches (whole wheat or whole grain).

No Sugar
No refined sugar.

*In a nutshell, you want to eat foods that are natural and avoid processed foods. Keeping your grocery cart to the perimeter of the grocery store is an effective way to find the right foods and avoid the wrong ones. Food is perishable; anything with a long shelf life is suspect.

WHY LOW CARB?(Hyperinsulinism)

Starches and processed sugars have a high glycemic index that causes a spike in blood sugar and leads to an inordinate insulin response. Insulin is an essential hormone but chronic elevation of insulin levels leads to HYPERINSULINISM, which can cause all sorts of disease and disability. Research “hyperinsulinism” online to find pertinent information regarding your diet and health.


Nutrition is the foundation for your training and is especially important in CrossFit where we need to maintain energy levels that support exercise. Following the Paleo Diet during your training will support energy, recovery, and lead to rapid results in and out of the gym. We are not just talking losing weight or gaining muscle; but ALSO improving your quality of life. Make sure you are laying the foundation for your training by also eating clean. CrossFit illustrates the importance of Nutrition through a pyramid that shows nutrition as the foundation for fitness and athletic development.



CMR supports a nutritional program called the Whole30. It is a 30 day clean eating cleanse and a great guide to nutrition. It is a variation of the Paleo Diet and seeks to optimize your health through eating whole, natural foods and avoiding foods that negatively affect your body. More information on the Whole30 and a COMPLETE SHOPPING LIST can be found by clicking the link below. Read each step. See step 5 for the link to the shopping list!