CMRComp is CrossFit Manta Ray’s additional program track available to all members who wish to compete in the sport of CrossFit. Our core CrossFit program and class time is the heart of our program for all members, and CMRComp is available in addition to our core programming for athletes who choose to follow.

Like always, our classes have priority in the room. During some times our second room next door will be empty, and athletes will be able to do the CMRComp work there. During other times, athletes will be able to use the main room as long as they are not interfering with the class. Open Gym is always the best option if you are able to.


CMRComp work is to be done IN ADDITION to the normal class, not in place of. Our classes will still be the main component of the programming, and the CMRComp work is for competitors who are looking for an edge in our sport. If you are not interested in competing, and even if you are, you will still find everything you need during our normal hour-long class time.


At Manta Ray we are constantly growing, and we will continue to evolve our program to offer the best program and community for our members. Whether you are here for a healthy, functional fitness or you would like to compete in our sport, we will strive to bring you the best, most effective, program possible!